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Sales and Customer Service

Become more successful, confident and motivated

Below are some examples of our most popular courses for Sales and Customer Service.

Sales Masterclass | Focus on the essential skills and techniques required for any sales orientated role, whether you are new to sales or an experienced professional requiring a boost in confidence or fresh ideas. You will learn and develop an innovative approach to selling, ensuring you retain existing business as well as attracting new opportunities.

Sales in a Box | This programme offers the complete range of sales training – catering for core skills through to advanced sales techniques. Sales people need the right mix of skills and processes to enable them to do their job effectively. These course modules address all sales areas and help your sales team, whatever their experience, achieve the best results they can.

Sales in a Box Modules Include: Achieving sales on the telephone, asking for business, commerciality, effective sales planning, marketing essentials, motivating people to become winners, giving briefings/making presentations.

Communication | Future successes depend upon your ability to communicate. You need to be clear, accurate, convincing and confident. Learn and develop vital techniques such as: Assessing strengths and weaknesses, the communication cycle, how to be assertive, handling inter-personal conflict in a positive and empowering manner, the value of non-verbal communication, personal ‘danger’ areas and planning for positive change.

Customer Service | We show customer focused staff to become more effective, efficient and confident at providing exceptional customer service. Look into the legal rights and responsibilities within the customer service role and encourage creativity and innovation. Course contents includes: Telephone techniques, customer care, negotiation skills and handling complaints.

Conflict Resolution | Want a better understanding of how to promptly address and resolve issues before they escalate? We can cover the definition of conflict, the causes of conflict, how to handle disputes and how to confidently match strategies to situations and more.

Exceptional Telephone Techniques and Customer Care | Everyone in your business who uses the telephone will benefit from this course, designed to develop and reinforce a culture of exceptional levels of customer care, enhancing the first and on-going impression of excellence from your staff to your customers and contacts.

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“The training was incredibly beneficial to me and left me actually excited to be invited to future presentations and talks, as opposed to totally dreading them” – St Elizabeth Hospice