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Training and Development

Far from textbook, we teach from real life experience

A company’s most valuable asset is its workforce. When a company invests in learning and development, employers quickly see increased motivation, employee empowerment, staff retention, improved quality of service and ultimately increased profits.

We transform the performance of individuals, teams and organisations by combining insights and best practice with a comprehensive appreciation of our clients business needs.

SVC Group is able to define, assess and develop critical behaviours that are essential for success. Our training incorporates a unique blend of expertise in business psychology, human performance and talent management.

Effective Training Solutions in the following key topic areas: Sales and Customer ServicePersonal DevelopmentManagement and LeadershipHealth and SafetyHuman Resources and Construction.

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“The training was very beneficial and without doubt exceeded my expectations. The general feel and atmosphere at SVC was brilliant. They day flew by to be honest. I genuinely feel more confident picking the phone up and simply asking for the business”– Ashley Green