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Exceptional Telephone Techniques and Customer Care

Become more effective and confident

Telephone Techniques and Customer Care | Develop and reinforce a culture of exceptional levels of customer care, enhancing the first and on-going impression of excellence from your staff to your customers and contacts.

Particularly useful for employees new to your workforce or to their role, but also invaluable to established staff who need to polish their skills and improve confidence in their abilities. Become more effective, efficient and confident at providing exceptional customer service.

Course content

  • Why are professional telephone techniques important?
  • Best telephone practice – getting the most out of the call
  • Forms of communication
  • Focusing on customer needs
  • What is customer service?
  • Why is customer service important to a business?
  • Implementing and monitoring service standards
  • Dealing with complaints effectively


‘It’s a real pleasure to see employees grow to their full potential and achieve things which even they didn’t know they could do. That is absolutely what training should be about. Thank you SVC’ – Cobb Europe