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Sales Masterclass

Refresh your attitude to the sales process

Learn an innovative approach to the sales process, ensuring you and your team retain existing business, as well as attracting new with our popular masterclass in sales.

The principles of selling

  • What your customer wants
  • Psychology of selling
  • Preparation
  • Open questions
  • Confidence, control and assertiveness

Improve your communication skills

  • How people communicate and how to establish a rapport with clients
  • Turn cold calls into warm calls
  • Why people buy and negotiation
  • Telephone sales and face to face sales
  • Why you have to “close the sale” and how to stay in control
  • Overcoming objections and recognising buying signals

An effective selling system

  • How to ensure you are presenting to a decision maker
  • How to establish the buyer’s decision-making process
  • A simple set of exercises for establishing peak performance goals and achieving them
  • How to establish a need for your product or service


‘Phil was excellent, the general feel and atmosphere at SVC was brilliant. Phil engaged everyone in the room, kept it moving along nicely and the dragons den role play at the end was a good bit of fun! They day flew by to be honest.’ – Flight Timber Products Ltd