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Customer Service and Relationship Building

Become more effective, efficient and confident

This two part training course delivered over 1 day will enable customer focussed staff to become more effective, efficient and confident at providing exceptional customer service and increasing sales for their company.

Part 1: Telephone Techniques and Customer Care

  • What is Customer Service?
  • Individual experiences discussed
  • The ICS (Institute of Customer Service)
  • Why is Customer Service important to your Customers?
  • How to make your Customers feel important and valued
  • Why is customer service important to your business?
  • The impact of poor customer care
  • Caring and servicing customers with confidence
  • Identifying and improving communication skills
  • Implementing and monitoring standards
  • Handling complaints and dealing with objections

Part 2:  Customer Generation, Retention and Relationship Building

  • Discussion about individual’s roles and responsibilities
  • Establishing customer’s needs, wants and requirements
  • Preparation, planning, introductions and opening conversations
  • Customer questioning and information gathering techniques
  • Importance of correct and timely ‘follow ups’
  • Confidence, control and assertiveness on the telephone
  • Use of language, tone and closed questions
  • How to establish initial and on-going rapport with customers
  • Turning cold calls into warm calls and having a ‘sense of urgency’
  • The importance of delivering on quality and meeting expectations
  • How to ensure the business has ‘customers for life’ and the benefits of this
  • Recognising buying signals and overcoming objections
  • Negotiation and closing sales


‘It’s a real pleasure to see employees grow to their full potential and achieve things which even they didn’t know they could do’ – Cobb Europe