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Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict should be addressed quickly and dealt with appropriately

Conflict can have a devastating effect on productivity, morale, teamwork and ultimately your organisation.

We do not promise an end to all conflict, that is impossible, but this workshop will give you a proven approach and the relevant skills you can use whenever you need to.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the root cause
  • How to manage and resolve disagreements in the workplace
  • How to anticipate conflict in a team situation
  • How to use conflict to your advantage
  • Identifying and dealing with different behaviours

Course content

  • How to spot the red flags
  • Resolution strategies – and how to use each one
  • How to comfort people in a way that minimises defensiveness and hostility
  • The secrets to controlling your own anxiety, anger and fear
  • Essential rules for open communication
  • Manipulative tactics such as blaming, sarcasm, sulking, nit picking, threats and lies
  • Separating the person from the problem – what it really means and how to do it
  • How to break the automatic link between emotions and actions
  • Effective ways to resolve conflict between teams and departments


‘SVC provide a very welcoming and pleasant environment in which to learn and most importantly the experienced & trained professionals in which to learn from, who have made my time learning a much more satisfying experience.’ – Premaberg Manufacturing Ltd