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Management Communication

Develop effective communication skills as a reflective manager

Understand the importance of effective communication in management. Including tone, language, level of formality.

Course content

  • The communication cycle and overcoming barriers
  • Different types of communication, including verbal, written, visual and electronic and their relative advantages and disadvantages
  • Non-verbal, such as body language and facial expression
  • Business language, including tone, style and vocabulary
  • Need for feedback, and implications of not receiving feedback
  • Value of the written word and the importance of objectives and the reader(s)
  • Letters, memos, reports and e-mails
  • Team meetings and one-to-ones
  • Planning for writing, including use of available information and the needs of the recipient
  • Image, structure, layout conventions including “house styles”
  • Inclusion of statistical/visual materials and appendices in reports


“It has given me the confidence to carry out some previously daunting tasks in a structured and professional manner and helped me to organise my team to optimise our performance. SVC were instrumental in me achieving my goals” – Premaberg Manufacturing Ltd