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Understanding Conflict and Stress

Stages and effects of conflict in the workplace

Stress and Conflict causes, stages and effects in the workplace. Including strategies and tools for managing and resolving conflict.

This course covers work-related stress, enabling delegates to identify the symptoms and equipping them with techniques to manage it.

Learning outcomes

  • Deeper understanding of the causes and effects of conflict and how to manage conflict
  • Understanding implications and effects for individuals and organisations
  • Simple practical management techniques
  • Action planning and review techniques

Course content

  • Defining conflict
  • The causes of conflict in the workplace
  • The stages of development of conflict
  • The effects of conflict
  • Conflict management strategies
  • Creating a positive atmosphere
  • Common workplace stressors
  • The symptoms
  • Occupational stress management


‘I now have much more confidence and feel that I can now deal with any situation that arises within the work environment.’ – Wilkin & Sons