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Daily Planning – Manage Both Your Time and Your Thinking

6th February 2018 Training

A daily plan helps you manage both your time and your thinking by enabling you to prioritise your activities, think more clearly about them and reduce unnecessary stress.


All you need to do is to spend ten minutes of your time each evening listing everything that needs your attention the following day. You will get an excellent return on this investment of your time.

When you have your day planned on paper you don’t have to keep going over things in your mind, reminding yourself about things, or worrying whether you can fit everything in.

You avoid creating or adding to a sense of on-going urgency, plus you will find it easier to mentally relax, switch off, and enjoy the recreation time you have.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. – Alexander Graham Bell

You will spend less time lying awake worrying about when and how to do things the following day. Once planned, put tomorrow completely out of your mind.

Use a daily plan consistently for about two to three weeks and not only will you find it much easier to relax, allowing your mind and body to recharge its energy and enthusiasm, you will also find it easier to be more focussed on your goals and priorities.