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Recruitment: Tortoise vs Hare | Who’s Winning in the Race for Talent?

7th July 2017 HR and H&S

When it comes to recruiting it can be a difficult balance to get right, between making sure your recruitment process assesses the candidate fully enough to be sure the successful applicant is the right person for the role and the organisation.

A seamless and speedy recruitment process is critical when it comes to ensuring the best people are “snapped up” promptly as in the current market the candidate holds all the cards.


When it comes to making a job offer indecision or delay could lose you your top candidate.

We know that managers often have a busy schedule, but the key in any successful company is making sure enough time is dedicated to the hiring of new talent.

Once the candidate has been interviewed, you need to be decisive and take action on next steps.

The fact you have three more people to see in the next two weeks before you are in a position to make a decision might seem practical enough to you but the market is racing ahead and your candidate could gain other attractive job offers while you’re taking time to think over the details.

In the past, taking a couple of weeks to reflect after interview was widely acceptable, but in current times, when it comes to securing your top candidate, the reality is that you need to move quickly or someone else will!


How do you get the balance right between a suitable level of assessment and not missing out on the top candidate through the process taking too long or too much deliberation? However, in the long term who wins the race?

If you spend time assessing and selecting the right candidate hopefully retention rates will be high and staff turnover of newly recruited individuals will be lower which could save you unnecessary costs.

But this could mean you potentially miss out on your top candidate, or do you take the risk without fully assessing the candidate’s suitability in line with the Company’s process to discover later down the line that they are not the right person for the job or the organisation which could be costly.

So how do you achieve a comfortable and successful balance?

Join our HR debate to discuss differing approaches to the recruitment and selection process, how they are effectively managed and the pro’s and con’s experienced.

What problems do you face when it comes to recruitment and selection, do you miss out on candidates because the process is protracted or do you feel you have it just right?

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