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Working From Home: New Age Vs Old Headache | HR Debate

23rd February 2017 HR and H&S

Working from Home – new age or an old headache? This question frequently causes a dilemma for companies to know how to manage this.

Employees want more flexibility in how they work and this is one request – to work from home – that repeatedly gets asked.

It may be a permanent change for an employee, or a temporary change to cover a specific situation.  But this question frequently causes a dilemma as to how to manage this.

Statistics show that working from home can help employees manage their life/work balance – but does it really work for the business?  Could it really result in increased productivity; less stress for the employee; improved employee engagement?

Considerations must be given by the Company to provide the correct equipment for an employee to work safely from home (at a cost);  agreed rules and procedures need to be put in place to protect the business as well as that employee – these can be wide-reaching and complex.

So is it really worth allowing Working from Home in your business?


Some benefits to employees working from home:

  • A larger pool of talent from which you can recruit;
  • Improved work/life balance for employees;
  • Greater employee retention;
  • Reduced sickness absence.

Some other things to consider:

  • Managing performance and tackling poor performance;
  • Increased security of information risk;
  • Provision of costly equipment;

The Debate will cover all these topics and many more issues that have arisen in ‘real life’ situations in businesses.  So join our Debate – and share your experiences.

Date: Thursday 23rd March 8:00am – 9.00am and 12.00 noon – 1.00pm

To RSVP to our FREE business event Email HR DEBATE to dkillick@svcgroup.co.uk before Tuesday 21st March 2017.