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Health and Safety Audits | Providing a Clear Picture

20th September 2016 HR and H&S

In-depth Health and Safety Audits can be very useful when establishing whether your current H&S Management System is actually working.

Observing the following areas, we can provide you with a clear picture of your businesses performance in terms of H&S Management and legal compliance.

  • Policy and Arrangements
  • Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • COSHH Assessments
  • Asbestos
  • Workplace Accidents and Reporting
  • Manual Handling
  • Working at Height
  • Employee Safety Training
  • Fire and Emergency Provisions
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Following the consultation we will provide you with a full report detailing our recommendations to ensure your business complies with current Health and Safety Regulations.