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SVC ILM Awards 2015/2016 ‘Our Winners’

20th September 2016 Training

This year’s ILM Awards was hosted in-house this year as it was the first time in history that we have had enough space in our own building to fit everyone in! It was wonderful to get everyone together to celebrate the success of our learners who have completed (or are in the process of completing) Institute of Leadership and Management Qualifications.

We had cream tea, trophies and amazing people! The team at SVC HQ cannot wait for next years event already, it really is a highlight for us. See below list of categories and our winners.

Below: Outstanding Quality of Assignments | Janine Scarff


Below: Best use of IT and Visual Material | Slawomir Pietrewski


Below: Most Consistently Positive Learner | Paul Davies


Below: Learner Who Always Goes the Extra Mile | Christy Smith


Below: Funniest Sound Bite | Emily Strong (collected by Zoe Howard)


Below: Top Employer Engagement | Cloud FM Group


Below: SVC Group 100 & 200 Club and SVC Group ILM Centre Learner of the Year | Tim Gilvray


Some of our winners 2015/2016 left to right: Paul Davies, Tim Gilvray, Slawomir Pietreswki, Janine Scarff & Christy Smith

To everyone that has completed an ILM qualification with us this year congratulations! We have truly enjoyed working with you. To those that are still completing your ILM with us at the moment, we look forward to continuing working with you to help you achieve your accreditation.