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ILM Awards 2016 ‘A Celebration of Success’

9th August 2016 Training

This year’s ilm Awards will be hosted on Friday 16th September 2016 at SVC HQ.

Studying whilst holding down full-time, often demanding jobs within Senior Management can be a challenge.

Undertaking an ilm qualification requires self-motivation, determination and above all discipline to complete tutorials and assignments on time – when there are so many other distractions.

Heading into our ninth year as an ilm centre, we continue to strive for excellence in all our practice and be the best we can be, so your employees can be the best they can be.


We asked some of our learners how taking part in ilm has made a difference to them. Here is what they had to say..

Zoe Howard, Cloudfm Group

“The knowledge I have gained from working through the course, plus the methods and processes I have been taught are what I needed to improve myself and my team.

From a personal development perspective, I have been able to mix with other people from different industries and take tips from them also.

The practical tutorials are fun and make you think about things from a different point of view.

I am learning valuable business knowledge and understanding which I believe will help me in my career at Cloudfm.

I am looking forward to completing my qualification and moving onto the next level.”

Tim Gilvray, Wilkin & Sons

“I started my ilm journey on the level 3 Diploma in September 2013. The first couple of assignments were a bit daunting but with continued encouragement from Juliana I soon got to grips with them and completed 16 modules, including 3 level 4 assignments by February 2015.

I then went on to the level 4 diploma which my 2 work colleagues and I duly finished by the end of the year and were the first SVC candidates to pass this qualification. I am now well into the level 5 diploma.

The tutorials are very well presented, run in a friendly group atmosphere at SVC and the quality of the training and course material help make the assignments easier to put together.

We have many candidates studying various ilm courses from Wilkin & Sons and as I have progressed through my qualifications I have become the company mentor for many of my fellow delegates and offer them help and guidance when they are struggling.

As for myself, SVC have given me the tools that I need to carry out my role as Engineering Manager to the best of my ability.

I now have much more confidence and feel that I can now deal with any situation that arises within the work environment.

My engineering team have benefited from my ilm experience as I can now see how to mould them into a more productive group, offering them help, advice and further training to ensure they work as a cohesive unit.”

Abigail Adams, Siemens Healthineers

“Having the opportunity to work towards a recognised qualification means our business has taken seriously the needs of our workers in their daily contributions by ensuring that as Supervisors we have the necessary levels of understanding and support so that we can give due consideration to all our interactions with our staff and our customers both internal and external.

ilm provides the student with the framework and gives solid guidelines on coursework – but allows the learner to develop for themselves.

It opens a world of new thought process and guided links to relevant websites, with the advantage of meeting and sharing experiences with other learners.

The tutor offers constructive feedback to the learner assignments and provides an inter-active and fun way of learning through open discussion and always full team involvement.

In every way ilm offers an all-round package designed to develop both the learner and their business, with a knowledgeable office support team available to answer all enquiries – or even just to say Hi- How are you doing? Nothing is ever too much.

For me practising what I have learned is the pinnacle – It really does make a difference – so thanks to you all for your support and guidance throughout.”