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Another Successful Debate! Talent Management: Grow Your Own vs Ready Made

5th July 2016 HR and H&S

The team at SVC HQ hosted yet another successful HR Debate as part of their “Challenge the Norm” Debate forums which aim to bring like-minded professionals together to discuss and take a view on a topical HR subject.

This time the subject on the debating table was how organisations choose to manage talent. Is the preference to Grow Your Own and what did this mean to each organisation or is there a preference for Ready Made? Recruiting to bring new talent and skills in from outside of the organisation?

During the debate we heard how different organisations take differing approaches and discussed the drivers for their choice of approach. Around the table there was a strong feeling that organisations need to be doing a bit of both – training their own staff from the ground up AND going out into the job market to find new recruits with the key skills needed for their organisation. It was clear from the discussions that succession planning happens but with differing levels of priority, structure and approach.

As with all our debates we took a vote and the result was 100% of the debaters were in agreement that there is a place for a combination of both approaches, with a balance to be achieved in managing Talent Management.

The SVC HR Team will continue to “Challenge the Norm” with their HR Debate forums –asking questions that may make us all consider changing our way of thinking and existing HR practices – only for the better of course!

Our next debate will take place in October. If you would like us to contact you with details of this event nearer the time then please email lparkes@svcgroup.co.uk.