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Amanda Simpson | My Coaching Journey

27th June 2016 Training

CEO & Founder Amanda Simpson was delighted to be a guest speaker for the Suffolk Coaching and Mentoring Partnership CPD on 17th June.

Amanda spoke about her personal coaching journey and how having the support of a fantastic business coach early on inspired her to become the best she could be – taking SVC Group from a trusted, local recruiter into an award-winning business consultancy.

Amanda’s Business Coach Tim

Once the doors to SVC Group were open back in 1999 and Amanda got over the excitement of having her own Company reality hit home and Amanda thought, where do I start? What comes first?

Amanda was fortunate enough to be introduced to Tim; an executive business coach, who came recommended by a friend.


Tim was a big character, honest and quite intimidating then, he was a big man, big personality, had worn the t-shirt and was ready to share his experiences to help others. Amanda began to meet with Tim once a week. He kept her feet on the ground.

A good coach will challenge your thinking; they will not think for you, but guide and support your decisions. They will increase your confidence and self-belief. If you have real passion for your job and you treat others how you wish to be treated, anything is possible.

Vision and Values
It is fairly common in my experience for a business not to have vision or values set, therefore your team are working blindfolded and not thinking ahead.

This detracts from the key reason of why your team do what they do, make sure you are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Remember to ask yourself, why you do what you do? Work with your values and keep your passion – it can get you a long way.


Time Management
A big area that people find a challenge – not having the correct time management tools in place, so self-awareness and coaching is last on the list.

Remember working with Tim earlier in my career paid dividends, so time is not really an issue, is it an excuse? Making excuses i.e. cost can come in as an obstruction. The need to prioritise is paramount as by learning a new skill can change so much of this.

This is where passion kicks in if you love what you do and are feeling motivated it just fits, we find the time and the money.


Before you can begin to help others it is crucial that you have a good understanding of yourself, being authentic with yourself sits well with your values. If you choose to work with a mask you will be filled with doubt which others may pick up on.

Self-Awareness is not just about confidence, it is how our personality is made up, it helps you to understand that change is good – having a flexible, positive approach towards oneself and others is key to your success.


Celebrate Success
In life we all too often focus on our weaknesses, it is so easy to solely focus on the problems you are having.

You can find negativity everywhere you look but if we just took a few minutes each day to look at the positive, celebrate our success and look at what we do well, it will empower, give clarity and purpose to each day.

At SVC we celebrate successes big or small and every team member leaves feeling inspired and filled with motivation for the next day.

If you are sitting contemplating either becoming a business coach or working with a coach to improve your business, take action, what have you got to lose? Like Tim would have said ‘just get on with it’.