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Corporate Supporters of the Essex Wildlife Trust

11th May 2016 SVC HQ News

We’re delighted to announce that SVC Group are now Corporate Supporters of the Essex Wildlife Trust.

Essex Wildlife Trust is the county’s leading conservation charity. It has more than 34,000 members, manages and protects over 8,200 acres of land on 87 nature reserves, 2 nature parks and runs 10 visitor centres.

The aim of Essex Wildlife Trust is to Protect Wildlife for the Future and for the people of Essex. It is supported financially by members, local businesses and grant making organisations.

It is one of the largest of the 47 county wildlife trusts that work together throughout the British Isles as The Wildlife Trusts.


The Trust has been protecting Essex for wildlife and people since 1959 and is working hard to restore, recreate and rebuild Living Landscapes, which will enable species and people to move through a wildlife-rich countryside.

Without financial support from members and partners they would not be able to carry out our important conservation work, nor inspire the people of Essex to cherish their wildlife.

By supporting the trust through membership you can make a difference to the wildlife in Essex. Our members and volunteers give Essex Wildlife Trust:

‌• Time
‌• Money
‌• Experience
‌• Enthusiasm
‌• Support

Be part of Essex Wildlife Trust’s vision by becoming an Investor in Wildlife. Find out more here.