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Interruptions or Invitations? | 5 Minute Life Coach

23rd May 2016 Training

Life can be a series of interruptions or invitations.

Next time you stand in your shower, a place that guarantees few interruptions, recall the past 24 hours.  Notice where the interruptions came, how you felt and how you feel about them now.

These are the events you endured while your blood pressure climbed.

Perhaps employment, which should be an invitation to do a job well, is one demand that interrupts all day. Perhaps family responsibilities interrupt your career, social life, financial plans.


Interruptions don’t form part of who we are because we resist them, feeling relief when they’re over.

If you drive through life trying to get to a place where you can finally start to live – bewareLook for the invitations of the day.  They challenge us to do something new or explore new depths in ourselves.

Notice those you responded to and savour the contribution each made to your day. Be aware of any you resisted.

Whether your life is a series of interruptions that leave you angry or a flow of invitations that make sense and throw light on the meaning of your life is not up to chance.  It is a choice you make.