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From One CEO to Another, Who’s Got Your Back?

26th April 2016 Training

When I began my own SVC Journey in 1999 I had only a telephone, a desk in a rented office and my passion for business.

17 years later and I am a fully qualified Leadership and Management Trainer, Executive Business Coach and the CEO of SVC Group, with a team of 26 fantastic employees to keep me on my toes.

In the same year I opened the doors to my new company I met Tim – a Business Mentor from Witham, Essex.


Instantly drawn to his positive energy, I started working on my own personal effectiveness. It was then that I began to really think about my own management style and what kind of leader I wanted to be.

Tim was both my ‘kick up the back-side’ and ‘pat on the back’ whenever I needed it. Tim supported, listened and wasn’t afraid to tell it how it is.

The most influential people in business are inspirational, straightforward and innovative – Tim was all three and more.

What I learned from his vast knowledge and experience will stay with me throughout my entire career, and beyond. Tim was more than a mentor – he became a friend.


For a company to grow to its full potential, leaders must continue to inspire and engage.

It is common knowledge that regular staff training is essential for a company’s success but what training is reserved for the Director or CEO of your company?

My experience in business coaching has brought to light that too often companies invest heavily in their middle management teams and choose to swerve developing skills at the top.

By investing in yourself, you are in turn investing in every member of your organisation.

To transform with the times and keep on top of the trends, keep your board level staff in mind and work in some extra support for your management team – they deserve it.