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HR Debate | Employee Well-being Results

13th April 2016 HR and H&S

On Thursday 7th April 2016 the SVC HR team hosted a debate at our HQ, considering what well- being means for organisations… Organisations should identify why they are introducing employee well-being initiatives, looking at key drivers and what they are hoping to achieve before deciding what they introduce in order to ensure it is supporting their overarching aim.

With a cost to providing well-being initiatives, organisations need to be sure of the opportunity for a return on their investment.  So with an associated cost, the question for many organisations is “Employee Well-being… is it of Added Value or a Waste of Time?”

THE VOTE: At the end, we asked you all to vote on the topic of  Well-being  – and the result was:-

Added Value                                         100%      agree

Waste of Time                                      0%

CONCLUSION: The result came as no surprise as it was clear during our Debate that everyone thought Well-being was an investment to better staff engagement and better physical health and well-being of your workforce – whether it was Yoga sessions, lunch and learn sessions, mindfulness, free smoothies etc. etc.

With all the different experiences and ideas that were exchanged, we hope it gave you ‘food for thought’.  It was particularly interesting to hear about the tax side of things and to also consider the important topic of financial awareness for workforces – both from a business point of view but also a personal one too.  If we get any bites on some sort of training in this area, I will be on the phone to you Sue for your help!

CHALLENGE THE NORM – JUNE: SVC HQ’s HR Team intend to continue this year to challenge the norm – and ask questions that may make you, and us, consider changing our way of  thinking and existing  HR practices – only for the better of course!

Watch this space for our next event.