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5 Minute Life Coach – Inspiring Yourself

8th March 2016 Training

In life, in any situation involving you there are two viewpoints: other people’s view of you and your own view of yourself.  Of the two, the principle witness is your own insight.

For every 99 people who say you are good at something, there will always be one who says you are hopeless.


For every 99 who say you are bad at something, you will find one who says you are brilliant.

Try not to give weight to other people’s opinions of your life; only rely on the principle witness – you.

It’s simply about being true to yourself.  You know yourself better than anyone. You are the one who has experienced your life, so you are the best judge of it, and yourself.

It’s about having confidence in your own judgement. Constantly listening to others can undermine this judgement.

Once you accept how well you know yourself you can cut through all deception. See yourself as you are without going into the past or the future.

This is not about self-centredness, but simply about inspiring yourself.