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Could You Be Losing Your Number One Candidate?

11th January 2016 Recruitment

When it comes to making an job offer indecision or delay could lose you your top candidate.

A seamless and speedy recruitment process is vital whenever possible to ensure the best people are snapped up quick as the candidate holds all the cards in the current market.

We know that managers often have a jam-packed schedule, but the key to a flourishing company is making sure that enough time is dedicated to hiring new talent.

Once the candidate has gone the extra mile at interview, you need to be decisive and take action.


The fact that you have three more people to see in the next two weeks before you can make a decision might seem practical enough to you, but the market is speeding ahead.

Realistically, your candidate will gain other attractive job offers while you think over the details and it could be the last time you see them.

If you have taken three or four candidates to the final stage of the process, then ideally you need to see them all within a couple of days of each other, it’s all about effectively managing the process and identifying aptitude at the first instance.

In the past, taking a couple of weeks to reflect after interview would be widely acceptable, but times have changed. Making an offer verbally then waiting weeks to send out a written contract would be a bad idea too.

When it comes to securing your top candidate, the harsh reality is – move quickly or someone else will!