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Appraisals: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

8th January 2016 HR and H&S

To ensure that an organisation’s strategic goals and objectives are achieved, it is now time to start preparing for the annual appraisal process with all employees.

Research has shown organisations will thrive, develop, achieve their strategic objectives and overall succeed as a business, if they have a good performance appraisal process in place.

In our experience, preparing for appraisals, conducting and setting the scene for the meeting, how a line manager communicates to the employee throughout the process and manages the appraisal process are all key factors to its overall success.


The cost of getting the process wrong, or skipping the appraisal process altogether could have a detrimental impact on an organisation’s success.

A growing number of employers are shunning the formal annual appraisal in favour of regular dialogue with employees.

Last year Accenture who employs 330,000 employees announced that they will be ditching the annual appraisal in favour of regular 1-2-1 with their staff, and this is a trend that is becoming ever more popular.

Whatever approach is taken by an employer, the value should not be about the process but the actual discussions that take place, that there is constant transparency and ensuring the appraisal document is continuously kept live.

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