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3 Months in Our New HQ, Message From Amanda CEO

5th December 2015 SVC HQ News

It has been three months since we moved in at the Westside Centre and I can already see the positive impact it has had for the team.

Taking that leap and leaving the Nayland offices where I started my own SVC journey over 17 years ago was sad times for us all but with our new HQ being four times the size, we now have the opportunity to grow and develop our business.

In the summer we made the decision to re-brand. The new bold logo features the SVC Business Compass with our spotlight services at each point – Recruitment, Training, Health and Safety and Human Resources. We have swapped our iconic tick for a two-toned blue compass arrow, pointing you in the right direction.


The SVC team has been lucky enough to work with a wide range of clients, from small family businesses through to large corporates, and we have been inspired by each and every one.

All of our clients new and old are completely unique, so we wanted our logo to be universal, a concept that can adjust to its surroundings and be taken anywhere.

Our Training, Coaching and Development Division continues to grow at lightning speed, we are all frequently working on brand NEW programmes and courses to keep up with our client’s needs and we couldn’t be happier.

The delegate testimonials that we receive prove that we really are making a difference and changing people’s lives, and that is exactly what SVC Group is all about.

The greatest risk lies in standing still. Large or small you need to keep your business moving forward. Aim ever higher. Be ever braver.

Have the courage to seek greater success along an unfamiliar path and get more than you expect.

You never know what could be waiting around the corner.