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Pension Schemes and Auto-Enrolment

24th November 2015 Finance

If your Company does not already have a Pension scheme set up for its employees, you will have by now been given a Staging Date for your Company’s Pension Auto-enrolment.

We are receiving queries about what companies need to do to comply and SVC are happy to sit with you for the time it takes to go through this process with you.

Preparation is key, and you need to allow yourself enough time to set the ‘wheels in motion’ well BEFORE your Staging Date.


You will need to consider:

  • Who will be responsible for managing and implementing the process?
  • How will you choose your Pension provider?
  • Which employees will be eligible to join the Pension scheme? And what about those who are not eligible?
  • Has your Company considered the additional cost – the Employers’ contribution, the administration fee to run the Pension Scheme, the software that may be required, additional resource required?
  • Who will manage the administration of the scheme? The introduction to your existing employees?  The information for new starters?

If you have not already thought about your Company Pension scheme and Auto-Enrolment, or have some questions you would like to ask or discuss, then please do give us a call.