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Specialist Skills and Cost Reduction – Lean on us

30th September 2015 HR and H&S

According to a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, the top three reasons why companies decide to outsource HR are; access to specialist skills and knowledge, quality of work and cost reduction.

As a company develops and grows we often find a company has less time available to spend on the essential people management activities, which is paramount to a company’s continued success and growth.

Key benefits of outsourcing HR to our team:

Reduction in costs

Outsourcing is cost effective. At SVC you have instant access to a team of dedicated CIPD qualified Business Consultants, who have many years of specialised experience in a variety of industry sectors.

Our Business Consultants are passionate about HR, and will provide an efficient, highly effective, first class support at a significantly reduced cost in comparison to employing an in house HR department.

Increased efficiency

SVC has many years of experience in writing handbooks, contracts of employment, policies, documentation, designing and implementing appraisal systems and managing ad hoc projects.

We also run a variety of training courses and we are able to tailor and develop courses to a Company’s requirements. The team at SVC HQ are highly experienced and dedicated; the team will complete work quickly and within agreed deadlines.

Outsourcing to SVC will reduce the time a Company will need to spend on HR related paperwork.

Often Companies get buried in fire fighting the people management paper work burden; SVC can take this burden away to allow a Company to dedicate their time to growing their business.

Fresh approach

We often find when working with our clients, as an external provider, that we will see potential issues a client is sometimes unable to see.

We can provide effective business solutions with fresh approaches, and HR best practice techniques.

We pride ourselves in working in partnership with our clients and we will always strive to achieve our client’s goals and ambitions.