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ILM Training Centre Inspection, We Passed!

22nd June 2015 Training

“I always suggest at least a few improvements a centre can make. But i can’t think of one thing you could do to improve. As a programme leader, you have an extensive knowledge and experience and it shows in every aspect of this centre. As an ILM Centre, SVC is outstanding” – Suzanne Crowley, ILM External Verifier, 18 June 15

Last Thursday was our annual ILM centre inspection. This involves an ILM external verifier coming to SVC for the day and inspecting every aspect of the way we deliver and manage our professional leadership & management qualifications.

It’s not just about our successes but in particular how we manage any issues that arise and above all treat learners with equal value and do all we can for them and their employers to have a positive and enriching experience. One that adds value to the individual and also the business.


It also gives us an opportunity to feedback to ILM and on this occasion we were able to express our concerns about their refusal to offer ILM assignments in the Polish language. Yet the same assignments are offered in some other languages.

I challenged this as a point of equal opportunity and the external verifier will now move these concerns forward.

As a leadership and management centre, we are passionate about quality and supporting our learners to reach their full potential.

We know this, our learners and their employers know this, and it is good to have the official ratification from the Institute of Leadership and Management.